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If you've always wanted to be a winemaker...now you can at SF;s new do it yourself winery

Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Reposted from Urban Daddy E-Newsletter 7-5-11

Dogpatch WineWorks
2455 3rd St (at 22nd)
San Francisco, CA 94107415-525-4440

So you’ve had some wine. Not just this past weekend. In life. Enough wine, in fact, that we think you’re ready. Ready to make your own...

Introducing Dogpatch WineWorks—a do-it-yourself winery at your service to produce custom wine without leaving the city—accepting 80-barrel memberships now at the American Industrial Center on Third Street.
If you’ve had visions of filling your wine cellar with 300 bottles (each with your name on it), this is where you’ll make your scene—a warehouse equipped with all the machinery and expertise you’ll need to stomp, crush, blend and bottle your own varietal.

Let’s take that bottle of Goldeneye pinot noir that you lorded over/enjoyed during the fireworks... You could make your wine with grapes from that very same vineyard in Anderson Valley. That, or you can get your fruit from a bunch of small-lot vineyards in California’s best grape-growing regions, like Anderson Valley, Santa Maria Valley, Sonoma Coast and Napa.

From there, it’s a vineyard-to-label process that swings into high gear around harvest in October. In general, mos

t of the action happens in the winery—including stomping, when you actually crush the grapes with your own hands and feet.

After fermentation and barrel aging, there’s a final blend session before you bottle and

label all 24 cases’ worth.

Info from the website:
Dogpatch WineWorks is a 15,000 sq ft urban winery located in the historic Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco whose mission is to enable wine enthusiasts to realize their passion for all things wine. They provide a portfolio of premium vineyards to choose from, equipment, facility and expertise that allows you to have a fulfilling winemaking experience in a fun environment.

With their guidance, you select a vineyard and varietal and drive all of the winemaking decisions that will create the style of wine you are looking to produce.
Once you have selected the vineyards you want to work with they'll help you design a wine plan that will become the plan for how your wine is made. They'll talk through every step of the process from the time the grapes are received at the winery all the way through blending and bottling then will help you make decisions that will ultimately produce the style of wine you're looking to create. The wine plan discussion is an interactive education and a great insight into the decisions that are involved in making great wine.

While your wine is barrel aging you will work with their graphic design consultants to create your label and make packaging decisions. You'll work with a group of seasoned designers who excel at taking your ideas and transferring them into wine labels.

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