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Noteworthy Wine under $20 Of The Week

Monday, September 27, 2010
I recently received a request to start blogging about ready-to-drink California wines that don’t require a road trip to a winery to obtain and can be purchased at most supermarkets for under $20.00. So this blog post marks the inauguration of “Noteworthy Wines under $20 of the Week”. My first one even has a funny story to go along with it. Give it up for Joel Gott Cabernet...

When it comes to delicious, consistently good wine that is local, read to drink, reasonably easy to find, and best of all costs less than a Benjamin, the first wine that came to my mind was Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon. So here I am in Texas for a Google event, and I’m alone in my room at the airport Westin and realize the wine list is not included in the Room Service menu. I politely ask the gal on the phone what reds she has by the glass and she admits that she can’t pronounce the first one - “something called a Cab-err-net?” I smile and ask her where the wine is from and what the name of the vineyard is, not expecting much. She says the wine’s from Napa and Monterery and is called something like “Joel Gott?” Too much of a coincidence I think and tell her that’s perfect and she doesn’t have to bother reading the rest of the wine list to me. Moral of the story: you can be all the way in Texas sitting in an airport Westin and still manage to get a glass of delicious, fruity dark, spicy Joel Gott Cab from California Wine Country to remind you of home. Now here’s a little description to whet your palette:
Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon 2007: Average Price: $14.99
While medium in body, this wine is luscious, elegant, balanced though fruit-driven - it could easily fool a blind-tester into thinking it is one of the higher priced Napa Valley Cabs. The wine has a nice balance of acidity and light tannins -black cherry cola, dark plum, blueberries, cocoa and pepper, and subtly oaky vanilla-cedar on the finish from the toasted barrels it's aged in. This wine is delicious by itself or served with food - think juicy steak and will hold up well with age. Smooth and balanced, the wine is big without being overbearing, and velvety on the finish - a true palette pleaser.
Also Try: Anything Joel Gott - The Zinfandel and Sauvignon Blanc are scrumptious.

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